Friday, March 30, 2012

New Item - Leather Chokers

There's something new in my Etsy shop - Leather Chokers!
Hand-tooled on high-quality belt leather, I've lined these with some lovely soft garment leather so they're cushioned against your neck.
The tie-on styling allows them to accommodate a range of sizes - they can be worn by women or men.
This is just one of the designs in stock - you can see more in my Etsy shop, linked at the top of the left sidebar.
And, of course, I'm open to any and all design suggestions or custom requests!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pictures in Stone

People have been seeing pictures in stone since time immemorial, I'm sure.
Some have clearer pictures than others, but all tell their own story. You can see hints of that story in the blends and swirls of color or texture in many of the rocks you examine.
This one really caught my fancy - it's a lovely piece of Eagle Eye Agate, the newest Earth medallion listed in my Etsy shop. The variations of white and earth tones paint a winter landscape with a lone traveler making his way into the whirling snow. At least that's what I see - you may see something totally different.
Here are a couple more from past pendants: do you see the dragon's head in the tiger eye below?
The Crazy Lace Agate to the right is a straight-up volcano from some enchanted land in great turmoil!
I have more, but I think you get the idea...
Of all the great artists, Mother Nature is my favorite!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I May Be a Little Twisted

In anything you do, it's good to have fun, right? And I do! 
I made the bacon cuff to the right just recently, inspired by a silly picture on Facebook.
I laughed the whole time I was working on the texture and the coloring.
It brought to mind a few other things I've made just for the silliness of it.
The cuff below that has the tire-tread look? I call that Roadkill ;-)
The silliest stuff, regrettably, has no photographic documentation... like the purses I used to make with silhouettes of my daughters' hands on them. I called them HandBags, of course. And the rabbit-hide nose-warmers - theoretically a great idea if you live in Northern Michigan, but if people can't get past the way something looks, a good idea goes to waste!
Fun is good - I recommend that we all get all that we can on a daily basis!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Little Bragging, a Little Contest

Most of us have eaten in cleverly decorated chain restaurants at one time or another. If you're like me, you may have given a bit of thought as to where those decorations came from. If pressed to come up with an answer, I might have guessed that there was some sort of background-type business that supplied interesting decor based on themed requests, and i would have been a bit right... what I would not have guessed (but now know) is that those decor-supplying marketing firms often get those items from people just like me!
Awhile back I was approached by a representative of Public Imagery, a marketing firm that is redesigning interior decor for several locations of The Longhorn Steakhouse. Without going into any of the details of our negotiations, let me cut to the chase and type a sentence I would have never thought I'd be typing:
My deer hide pouches are now to be shadow-boxed and featured in a number of Longhorn Steakhouse locations across the country. The one pictured here is in Round Rock, TX. (This tickles me on a personal level, as I have family there).
From what I've been told, they also are or will be in some (but not all) of their restaurants in Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Georgia, to name a few.
So here's the contest part of this post: The first person to send me a picture of one of my pouches in its shadowbox in a restaurant will win one of the pouches! (sorry - since I've already posted it, The Round Rock location is disqualified from this contest) This is a large fringed pouch, made of soft sumptuous tobacco-colored leather with dark brown stitching and round-braid strap.
All you need to do is post a comment here telling me you have the picture and where the Steakhouse is located. I will provide you my email address so you can send me the picture. Then, upon verification of the photo and location, I'll send you your very own "Longhorn" pouch. Again, Round Rock, TX is NOT a qualifying location.
The winner must allow me to post their photo on a blog update. This contest is limited to one winner, based on the first verified photo. All decisions of a winner will be made by me and are final. Let's have fun with this, folks - based on the number of pouches I've supplied thus far, there are a dozen opportunities for success out there with more to come soon!
And, though I probably don't need to say it, I have pouches available for purchase in my Etsy shop, linked to the left... this size pouch is not currently listed, but I'll be glad to fill any custom requests - just contact me for more info. Thanks!