Thursday, May 26, 2011

Handcrafted Goods Wholesale

Busy, busy Spring this year. Custom and wholesale orders have kept me pounding and painting, slicing and stitching.
I've turned out bunches of wristbands since my last post; i
n case you were wondering, a medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box from the US Postal Service holds about two hundred of my personalized bracelets. I sent two boxes to this particular customer.
Even at those numbers I don't cut corners - each is hand tooled, hand-dyed and finished. All of them are edge-coated and each hand-set snap is tested individually. It's a matter of some pride to me that I can provide the quality of handcrafted goods at reasonable prices and in wholesale quantities. (For more info on a wholesale order for your group, event or promotion, you can view my Wholesale Price List here )
I've also seen a bit of a surge in custom requests for particular stones set in leather, both pendants and wristbands. These are a joy to me - working with a customer to make their dream piece or special gift come into being is satisfying in a rare way!
Pouches & bags are on the list for this next week - custom ordered and inventory both.
Busy, busy; fun, fun!