Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where's Waldo?

Okay, Waldo isn't actually missing but I have been. I am painfully aware that it's been too long between posts this year - will be in a position to do better soon, I am sure.
Currently I am in the middle of moving. I am leaving my beloved Northern Michigan for a place in the southeast portion of the State. Even so, it's a good move and I am more happy than sad about it. I will be closer to family and the new home is a marked improvement over the one I am leaving.
The area I am moving to is a village surrounded by a lot of rural area, so I will still have the trees, hills and water that are much of what I love about where I've been living.
Soon I will be settled in, boxes unpacked and cupboards filled, new workshop up & running, neighbors and friends met and chatted up. It's an adventure - though it's taken much of my time and attention, I have been thinking of good topics for these pages. Bear with me awhile longer - this blog is only on hiatus, not abandoned ;-)