Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Belts are Back

Though I've never stopped making belts, I did stop selling them in my online shops for awhile, except on special request.
To be honest, this was a decision born of frustration with difficulty in sizing issues. 
I'm not sure if it's because of the lack of uniformity in sizes in the clothing industry in general since the advent of so-called vanity sizing (where what used to be an honest 38" waist is now passed off as a 36 or even a 34) or if it's human error on the part of the person taking/sending the measurement. Perhaps even a mistaken reliance on an old belt or pair of jeans that has stretched?
Whatever the cause, the result was that nearly half of the belts sold online were coming back to me due to sizing errors.
Of course, everyone was very nice about it, realizing that I can only send the size requested; I cannot magically determine if the info is correct. 
Still, it was vexing for the customer, requiring extra wait time and postage as they sent the wrong size back for exchange. And, from my point of view, a bit frustrating as well... if there is one thing I strive to never have, it's a vexed client!
All that said, the one thing you cannot ask a belt maker to do is stop selling belts. So, after much thought and consideration (and more than a few requests) belts are coming back to my online venues, starting with a few at Etsy. 
The selection will grow over the next several weeks and will be expanded to my stand-alone website as I get that re-worked.
I've tried hard to try to make the sizing information-exchange easy and clear... if you check out the listings and have any suggestions for improvements, I would love to hear them!
(You can find the link to my Etsy shop at the top of the left sidebar)

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