Monday, May 28, 2012

New Deer Hide Pouches

What's not to love about the feel of deer hide?
It's soft and supple with a grain that stretches and forms to suit its task.
Pouches, bags and clothing made of deer hide will last longer than other leathers of similar weight, even under punishing conditions.
This wonderful material can even be machine-washed;
Use cold water, a gentle soap like Woolite and the gentle cycle. 
Block to shape when it's done and dry on a sweater rack away from sun or heat source. (smaller items can be hung to dry). Your item will be slightly stiff once completely dry but will soften quickly with use.
I'm in the middle of a new batch of pouches - there are several new ones listed in my Etsy shop (link at top of the left sidebar) and more to come over the next week or two. They all have round-braid straps and most have fringe (for which I have a personal fondness). There are several sizes, different embellishments and every one of them is put together to stay together! These wonderful bags are suitable for powwows, rendezvous and every day retro coolness!
As always, if you'd like something a bit different than what you see, I am glad to consider any custom requests.