Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I May Be a Little Twisted

In anything you do, it's good to have fun, right? And I do! 
I made the bacon cuff to the right just recently, inspired by a silly picture on Facebook.
I laughed the whole time I was working on the texture and the coloring.
It brought to mind a few other things I've made just for the silliness of it.
The cuff below that has the tire-tread look? I call that Roadkill ;-)
The silliest stuff, regrettably, has no photographic documentation... like the purses I used to make with silhouettes of my daughters' hands on them. I called them HandBags, of course. And the rabbit-hide nose-warmers - theoretically a great idea if you live in Northern Michigan, but if people can't get past the way something looks, a good idea goes to waste!
Fun is good - I recommend that we all get all that we can on a daily basis!

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