Sunday, March 6, 2011

More Stone Love

I've been pulling myself in too many directions again lately... I find that it's necessary every year or two to re-assess what I do and cull from the list even as I add.
Stones and leather have been giving me a lot of satisfaction, tweaking my creativity in its happy place. Additionally, I find myself in a rare and advantageous position of being almost alone in this particular sub-specialty.
Deciding to run with it, of course, means making sacrifices in other areas. Therefore I am discontinuing my Personalized Bracelets except for wholesale orders. Popular as they are, there are many other very talented people on both Etsy that make similar items and I am glad to let them have the business.
I will be concentrating on my new Earth Cuffs and on my very much in-demand Earth Medallions.
I listed 3 new pendants today, in fact. Lovely Denim Lapis Lazuli, handsome Bloodstone and the eternal favorite, Tiger Eye. Until they sell, these can be viewed in greater detail at my Etsy Shop, linked on the upper-left sidebar.
Note: I didn't anticipate the outcry this decision would cause. Therefore, due to popular demand, my Personalized Bracelets are back in my shop for a limited time, available through the summer at least. Many thanks to all who wrote and told me how much these were loved!