Thursday, September 10, 2009

Custom Regalia Belt

It's always an honor to be asked to make a piece for a dancer's powwow regalia. These outfits are worn in sacred circles; they represent much of what the dancer brings to that circle.
One of the things I love the most about the internet is the ability to connect with dancers outside of my area.
I recently finished a belt for Barbara Hartzell, who dances in the desert
southwest, far from my Great Lakes powwows.
She sent me pictures of her beadwork and asked what I could make that would match or compliment her colors and design. (Her name and her picture are used here with permission.)
The beadwork is lovely, in vibrant colors of turquoise blue and bright pink, all done in cut beads which shimmer like faceted gemstones.
After an exchange of ideas via email we decided on a carved pattern of roses inside hearts.
First the design is drawn on, then cut and pear-shaded for dimension enhancement.
Next the design is beveled; both the roses, petal by petal and the insides of each heart.
Then I matted the heart to recess it from both the rose and the surface of the belt.

The colors were matched to her beadwork; I used a pearlescent pink to compliment the sparkle of the cut beads.

The belt is three inches wide and overlaps in front, where it buckles with attached billets.
Barbara is pleased. I am honored knowing she will be dancing my belt into her circle. It makes me feel that a part of me is also dancing in the desert.
I'm always glad to discuss custom work; please visit my website for further information. (there is a link on the top of the left sidebar)


Particles of Stone said...

Wow...that is some gorgeous work! Bravo!

aosLeather said...

Thanks so much :-)

Leather Made Nice said...

I came across this article in a google search. I truly appreciate you work. Well done!!
Anne _\00/

aosLeather said...

Thank you so much, Anne. It's especially gratifying to hear such things from a fellow leathercrafter ;-) -- kathy