Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pow Wow Clothing Done Right

If you participate in powwows in the Great Lakes Area or the Ohio Valley, chances are very good that you know Sharon Denson either personally or by her wares.
Countless people dance in outfits that include work from her talented hands. If you dance in the circle and you don't own one of her shirts or skirts, I can say with confidence that you've danced next to someone who does.
Sharon and her husband Bill are very active in the community, having both participated in and headed up powwow committees.
Bill is a constant source of information and assistance to all, and a wonderful foil for his no-nonsense wife!
Their booth draws you in with the vibrant colors of multiple racks of Sharon's top-quality clothing , but often people wind up staying for the conversation and laughter. Few people tell a joke better than Bill and few people take a joke better than Sharon.

These are truly special people; valued friends in my life, but I digress... the clothing is the thing!
Sharon is a professional seamstress with decades of experience and expertise. Her designs are elegant with attention paid to detail and the traditions of the area.
The colors and patterns of her cloth are powwow-perfect and unlike anything I've ever seen in any fabric store.
The only downside to Sharon's clothing has been that you had to see her at a powwow to purchase her wares. Well, that has changed...
I am delighted to announce that Sharon Denson now has an Internet presence. She is selling her wonderful dresses, skirts, blouses and ribbon shirts on Etsy. You can find her shop at
You can also click on any of these pictures to go to the respective listings in her shop.
I personally recommend her work highly and without reservation!


Particles of Stone said...

Wow--beautiful!! Checking out the shop!

aosLeather said...

Thanks - she's a great seamstress and a heckuva nice lady too!