Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Spaces Between

The pattern I set last summer of long spaces between posts seems to be holding true this year.
Ruminating on this as I was tooling wristbands yesterday got me thinking about the
spaces between, making those strange left-field connections that we humans often make...
In leather work, the spaces between tool impressions contribute as much to the flow of a tooled design as the impressions themselves.
Though the design to the right is made up of squares, circles and arcs, your eye adds a zig-zag to the pattern. But is it really there? It's made of nothing but the spaces between.

This wristband on the left is made with many of the same tools, but looks completely different.
Different spaces.

All art requires space to complete designs or patterns.
A philosopher would say that the same holds true for most aspects of life, but I'm not going to go there today, lol.
To fill the space between now and my next post I invite any of you to send me links to your own examples of art enhanced by space. Send links to Flickr or Picassa pages you have rights to and a brief note on the significant space involved. I'll choose a trio of my favorites for a post in mid-July.
The "winners" will receive a nice write-up on these pages.
This should be fun!
July 15th addendum: I'm obviously not the only one who's busy. Since I've received no links, I have nothing to post. Ah well, maybe we'll try again mid-winter?

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