Friday, June 5, 2009

Powwow Hiatus

It's Pow Wow season in the Great Lakes area. By now, the first weekend in June, I feel that I should have been to at least two already with another this weekend and nearly every coming weekend until after Labor Day.
But this year I am not going to be on the powwow trail. It is time to step back and reassess some things. I will miss it -- I already do. The powwow community is just that, a community. It is often said (around the campfires at night) that it's like a traveling neighborhood with all of the homes in a different location each week. I will miss my friends and neighbors.
Many things factor into this decision; the price of gas & the economy in Michigan are certainly key.
I'll be concentrating instead on my online venues and supplying the area galleries and shops that feature my work.
I'll still do some craft shows. There are plenty of good ones within driving distance of home and I'll post them on the sidebar as they come up.
The drumbeat exerts a strong pull; I'd like to think that this is a temporary decision and that I'll be back on the trail in years to come. Until then, baamaapii my friends.


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