Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Newest Earth Medallions

There are some new additions to my Earth Medallion inventory. (More will surely be coming soon as I gear up for the summer season!)
I thought it might be nice to post a few of my favorites from my most recent creations, but the choices are not easy. From the ten I just listed, I have decided to show three here... but which three?
There is this lovely African Turquoise Jasper pendant. The color is so vibrant it fairly bursts from the black leather setting.

And ooohhh -- I can't leave out this amazing bit of Eagle Eye Agate.
Such delicate artistry -- it's like a tiny painting, courtesy of the Earth.
Kona Dolomite is a sentimental favorite of mine, since it comes from my beloved Upper Peninsula. Add to that the wonderful ancient beauty of the stone itself -- definitely a favorite!

This was tough -- I left out seven of my other favorites, including some Leopard Skin Jasper and a couple of new Unakite pieces..
You can see them in my Etsy Listings. More coming soon!