Sunday, March 29, 2009

Eagle Eye Agates

I love this stone!
This is Eagle Eye Agate. Every piece has its own personality and characteristics, some quite dramatic, others more elegant or soothing.
Agates, in general, have always fascinated me. The colors and textures present in these bits of chalcedony are varied and often surprising. The Eagle Eye is a perfect example of this!
In many samples you can see the record of millions of years of the Earth's percolation and formation. Some, like this first sample, have markings that truly look like eyes.
Others have little dendritic fern patterns or swirls like cream in coffee.
There are many colors of this stone, many faces to explore...

Some have pictures -- do you see the cat in this stone?

My personal favorites are the mellow ones -- here's one that is evocative of fine Italian marble.
This is a popular stone -- most that I make are sold before I have the chance to list them to my online venues.
No fears -- like I said, I love this stone! I will be making more!


skinnylittlesister said...

Hahaha I see cats in the bottom left and bottom right. One sitting straight & one upright!
They are simply beautiful stones and your settings are absolutely gorgeous!

aosLeather said...

Thank you! :-)