Friday, January 9, 2009

A Whole New Year

Wow! 2009. I'm excited about this new year. There are wonderful things on the horizon and I am full of hope!
I went to Nawbin today (my favorite local bead & rock shop) and picked up some fabulous stones for my Earth Medallions. Look for some beauties next week!
I got some more dolomite -- I love this stone! It's an ancient rock -- one of the oldest on the planet. You can read about it in the descriptions on the Etsy listings.
I got a stunning piece of chalcedony in a dramatic black & white and some multi-colored Flint from Ohio (very pretty) plus a sweet piece of African "Turquoise", which is actually a form of Jasper. I have already started working them, but since the process takes a few days it will be a test of patience before I can show them off! As I've already stated, that's a virtue I have trouble with, lol.

Here are some pictures of my newest additions to the shop to tide us all over until the new batch is ready...

Some Unakite, which is one of my most popular rocks, as well as a new Tiger Eye, also a very favored stone.

There is a gorgeous piece of Aventurine -- so green and lovely -- and a sweet little pendant of Dalmatian Jasper which is very aptly named! There are more, of course -- don't want to give everything away on the blog! You can find them in my Etsy shop!
I am having so much fun making these, and I am so very grateful for the chance to continue playing with leather & stones!!
I hope everyone has a fabulous 2009 -- Happy New Year!

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