Monday, January 26, 2009

Want Winter? We've Got Some!

It has been a winter for the record books in Michigan. This morning I woke to a temperature of 15 below zero Fahrenheit -- that's negative 26 in Celsius -- very cold, and that's not even the coldest temp we've had this year.
Snow has fallen more days than not, leading to way too many days of raking my roof for my liking!
Frozen pipes, frozen drains, excessive heating costs, dangerous driving -- all have been a part of a beautiful but intense season this year, all are expected when you live up here in the north land.

There are other problems that come with an extra strong winter, though, and those are not so expected. Earlier this month there was a serious issue in many parts of the state with river ice-dams causing flooding. Difficult enough to have your home flood -- almost unimaginable when the flood freezes.
My friend Kevin, who lives in the Grand Rapids area near the Grand River, sent me some pictures yesterday that I just had to share!
The river has receded from its height of 9 feet above normal levels, and he took his truck and his camera down to the Grand to capture these images. Note the chunks of ice still clinging to the trees -- this is where the water line was before the ice jams broke loose and the water flowed away. In the shot with his truck those ice remnants are high enough that if he'd been parked there 2 weeks ago, his truck would have been submerged!
My sympathy to all who were affected, and my thanks to Kevin for sharing his pictures and giving me permission to post them!

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