Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Wristbands

I just finished posting a slew of new wristbands to my online shops. Everything from basic black tooled bands to brightly colored fun cuffs!
Made of heavy belt leather, these bands will last for many years. They'll get wonderfully limber as they break in, becoming the thing you most want to have on your wrist!
I've even thrown in an art cuff with an original design. Prices on these start as low as 12.00!

Visit my Etsy shop for the full assortment -- some are up at Art Fire as well. Both shops are linked on the left.


Pin said...

These are gorgeous - going to order some for Christmas. Fantastic blog - the tips with working with leather are great as I'm currently working on a leather project at University. Thanks

Art of Spirit LeatherWorks said...

Thanks for your kind words! Have fun with your project! :-)