Friday, December 12, 2008

Change is _________. (Fill In the Blank)

Change is... Scary? Inevitable? Exhilarating? Yes, all of the above and more.
After many changes through the years of doing what I do, I find myself staring at another.

If you've been following my blog, you know that my stone & leather pendants, called Earth Medallions, have been more popular than I could have anticipated.

So very popular, in fact, that I am now faced with the difficult reality that I may need to abandon most of the rest of what I make just to keep up with the demand. A mixed blessing, to be sure. While it's certainly wonderful to have found such an "it" item, it may necessitate a long period of time not tooling leather belts, not making regalia pieces, not going to powwows.

I have already quit making my deerhide bags for now-- they are very labor intensive and I've always had a hard time getting paid sufficiently for the work and materials involved.

Of course, change need not be permanent, and it's likely that the fervor for my pendants will fade after a time. So though I may change course for awhile, I will also look to the day when I can change back.

For now I am still making wristbands -- they allow me to keep tooling (which I love!) and to use up some of my belt leather while not taking too much time away from my EM's. I also will still fill belt orders and will consider regalia requests on a per-item basis.

Change is inevitable, I've decided, and exhilarating. And a bit scary.

I still have some belts left in stock -- they'll be available until they're gone. I still have guitar straps -- a holiday tradition with me, and I have a nice selection of Earth Medallions including (at posting time) all of the lovelies pictured here.
So Happy Holidays to all. Happy changes as well!!

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