Monday, November 10, 2008

What If You Couldn't Go Home?

Today, November 10th, is designated a Refugee Awareness day by Bloggers Unite. The idea of tens of thousands of bloggers worldwide bringing attention to a worthy cause is one I gladly take part in! There are many worthy causes, but this one is particularly heartrending.
I don't live in a war zone, but my imagination can certainly wrap itself around the horrors that must entail. Fleeing those horrors would be an option of last resort, but for many it is the only choice to preserve life. More than 35 million people throughout the world have had to make this heartbreaking choice.
The agony of leaving one's home behind is often compounded by the lack of contact with loved ones, resulting in fractured and fragmented families.
Those of us who live in security and safety should perhaps spend at least some time in contemplating our good fortune and in considering what we can do to help.
Please check out some of the links posted here and consider if there might be something you can do to help!

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