Saturday, November 22, 2008

Guitar Straps

It's gotten darned cold outside -- snow on the ground and temps in the teens. Powwow season is behind me for the year and it's time to change direction. Still, it can be difficult to leave the dancing, the colors and the patterns behind. My solution? Guitar straps!

Using the same love of color I employ in making belts for powwow regalia, as well as similar motifs and patterns, I turn wide strips of leather into unique guitar straps.

Adjustable and so durable they literally will last a lifetime or longer, these straps are starting to appear in my shop just in time for Christmas gifting!

They're made of full-grain cowhide and are all fully tooled. A musician's style is unique; why shouldn't their accessories be just as individualized?
I have a couple listed at a few more waiting for pictures to get taken. This is just a sampling...

I'm working feverishly to get more done, and I'm always willing to make one to custom order! Thanks for looking!

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