Friday, October 17, 2008

A Slogan on Your Wrist

It seems that expressing one's self on a wrist-bound statement is an eternally popular notion. Whether it's a simple name band, the recent WWJD rage, or something more individualized, the notion of wearing one's heart on the sleeve (so to speak) is here to stay!

For years I have been making name bands. As a mom who gave her daughters names they will never find in the mass-produced offerings, I realized a long time ago that there was a need out there for people to have the name and spelling of their choice available.

Recently the demand for other options has grown. To answer the need, I have begun offering these. I call them Word Bands. Want your name? No problem, even if your name is something unusual like Barack! Want to tell people how much you love your furry friends or how much you don't love being told what to do? I can handle that! Do you have a message that is so important you want folks you shake hands with throughout the day to catch a glimpse? Can do!!

The only limitations are your imagination or my sensitivities. These are made of full-grain cowhide to last for years and come in almost any color you can think of. They snap with a secure but not-too-burly snap and can be made in any size. Check out my Etsy shop (linked at the top of the left sidebar) for more info or to purchase! ~I welcome wholesale inquiries on these~

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