Monday, October 6, 2008

My Sister's Sparklies

Arts and crafts were encouraged and supported in our household growing up. Mom could sew and knit like nobody's business! She had me sewing since age five. Dad was a home workshop carpenter; he built or faced most of the shelves and cabinets in the house. We had a downstairs rec-room full of any type of creative supply a kid could want, from scrap lumber with hammers and nails, through all types of paints, crayons, pens, pencils, pastels and reams and reams of paper to express ourselves on. Beads and looms. Clay by the bucketful -- that plasticene colored type that stayed moist so you could use it over and over until the colors blended into a muddy gray, and scissors and construction paper in a rainbow of hues and more, so much more -- you get the picture. I grew up in a crafty household. Not surprisingly those early inspirations have had staying power in several of my parent's children.

My youngest sister, Patricia Marie, has turned a love of beadwork into a sideline. (That's her on the left, with her son and her grandson.) We called her Tricia when she was little, but she changed it to Patti in her teens and she's currently offering some of her sparklies at

In prepping for this post, I asked her some questions:
Explain your creative process.
I will look at a stone, crystal or charm and think of all the different things it can become. I then pick the one I think will show off its beauty the most. You never know what I might make with special pieces of stones, crystals, or charms. I use several different kinds of materials and I enjoy trying new techniques.
Okay. Cool. Is this process difficult for you?
No, not really. I have always had an eye for that kind of thing, whether I'm out photographing nature, working in my garden, or making jewelry.
Anything you'd like to say about your materials?
I enjoy taking nothing and creating something beautiful with it. Some of the items I use are recycled. Like crystals from an old chandelier will become a crystal in a sun catcher or the end of a keychain, depending on its size of course.
You have a full-time job, a social life and grandkids. How do you manage to work the jewelry into your busy schedule?
Sometimes it’s hard for me to find the time. I try to do it in the evening while watching TV or listening to my CDs. I also do it during the weekends, when I’m not out shopping for new items to make into jewelry, or gardening. Once I get working on something special I will lose track of time, that is until either my dog or cat remind me it’s time for them to eat.
As you can tell, no doubt, I'm pretty proud of my sister... Christmas is coming, so if you have anyone on your list that likes pretty things that sparkle with creativity, use the link above and check out her wares!

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