Thursday, July 31, 2008

Summer of Powwows

Well i've certainly been absent from these pages for way too long...

Summer is an incredibly busy time for me; powwows nearly every weekend, furious work hours in between to refresh inventory. Not much time for the fun of blogging. This post, for example, was started in July, added to in August and September, but not posted until now, Oct 4...

All of what I had previously written seems so outdated that most of it has been cleared from this page. Instead I'm going to fill this post with pictures from my powwows and a promise to resume regular posts now that my season has cooled.

This one was fun -- the Black River Powwow and Historical Gathering in Wadhams, MI. The Living Historians (some call them re-enactors) had a wonderful little village set up and they did demonstrations and cooked us an awesome feast meal!!

Then there were the rainy powwows... weather certainly puts the "maybe" in an outdoor event!!

Of course, the sun eventually came out and fun and friends took center stage!

(Gotta throw in a picture of my powwow sisters doing the Buffalo Dance! Great fun!)
I had a great summer; looking forward to an awesome autumn!

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