Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pow Wow Regalia Belts

One of my favorite things about powwows is all of the beautiful regalia. The time and energy put into a dancer's outfit is evident everywhere you look.

Some aspects of an outfit are determined by the style of dance, such as streaming fringe on a grass dancer or hand-rolled metal cones on a jingle-dress, and some are more personal choice or statement, such as colors and clan totems.

Most of the dancers in every style wear wide belts with their outfits. There are some beauties out there! Awesome fully-beaded belts and wonderful finger-weave sashes in patterns and hues to boggle the mind!

And, of course, leather belts.
I've been making belts for the Great Lakes powwow trail for about twelve years now, and it's a true honor to see many dancers wear my work into the circle!

About a third of the dance belts I make are custom- order work for people who want specific designs or colors; the rest are made one at a time for my booth. No production on the dance belts! I never lose sight of the fact that regalia is unique to the wearer.

These are pictures of various stages of doing and done on a selection of belts -- such creative fun!

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