Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Etsy dot com

I mention Etsy frequently in these posts; if you look to the left, you'll see links to and pictures from my Etsy shop. All of these references assume that you know about Etsy; since Etsy doesn't advertise in the mass media, that assumption may not be fair. So let me tell you about this awesome website!, to quote their Trademarked slogan, is "Your place to buy & sell all things handmade". Unlike the popular auction sites, Etsy is not full of junk. It isn't the place to list when you want to clean out the back room. They've limited allowed items to art, handcrafted goods, supplies for crafting and vintage items at least 20 years old.
Artists and artisans from all over the world present their work in their own "shop" area with their own unique internet address. There are support resources as well as forums for sharing tips and tidbits with other Etsians. There are wonderful galleries, called Treasuries, where Etsy members can feature some of their favorite work by other artists, feeding the co-operative and supportive atmosphere Etsy's creators set out to birth.
Here's a screenshot of a Treasury I'm currently curating; it's dedicated to Dreamers. These temporary treasuries are fun to create and add a facet to the site experience that is difficult to quantify.

If you're an artist, an artisan, a crafter or just someone who loves unique things, you owe it to yourself to take a look. There are multiple ways to look at the offerings, including searches by Category, Color, Location and innovative features like Pounce, where you can peek at what's just sold and other items from the same seller. You can browse all you like without joining. The membership requirements, should you care to buy or list items, are as simple as a user name and an email address.
You can click on any of the Etsy buttons I've sprinkled throughout the post or go to to start your handcrafted adventure!


leather furniture said...

if its so good why Etsy doesn't advertise in the mass media??

aosLeather said...

A lot of good enterprises don't advertise in the mass media. Me, fo example :-)
and a lot that do advertise aren't all that great...
i don't see any direct correlation.

Myra said...

Well said.