Monday, May 12, 2008

They Tell Me Patience is a Virtue

Ancient wisdom notwithstanding, patience has never come easily to me. Strange, then, that I should fall in love with a craft that requires so very many waiting periods!
I recently finished a batch of my original stone and leather pendants that I call Earth Medallions. It's an arduous process that is, thankfully, very satisfying in the end.
There are more than twelve different steps involved in making them, and each step has a drying period involved!
Most of the steps I won't be showing you -- it took me awhile to develop this process and I'm not ready to reveal all of the secrets just yet. By the time they get to the tacked stage, they've gone through five do & wait procedures.
After tacking they have to wait for 12 - 15 hours to dry completely. Then I apply my special formula that protects the leather and helps it hold its shape , wait for that to dry, then there are another several do's followed by another several waits. It takes days to get to the point where they are formed, edged and revealed.
This is the most agonizing of the waits. I can see how nice they look, but the edge sealant has to dry for another several hours before finally! they can be attached to their floating bales and strung. At last they are done and ready to find their homes!

I've had a very good response to these -- the ones I'm showing you finished here have already sold. To see the rest of this batch you are welcome to visit my shop at -- the link is on the left at the top!
I'd like to also mention my favorite bead store, Nawbin in Traverse City, Michigan -- they were the source for many of these special stones!


Anonymous said...

glad to see you updated your blog.
my wife has one of your earth medallions but she can't find it since our move to washington state.
joy to you!

aosLeather said...

She can't find it?? How very tragic!!
hmmm... i know i missed a birthday somewhere along the line...

Anonymous said...

she has it someplace here. just needs to conduct a search for it.