Monday, May 26, 2008

Muskegon Veteran's Memorial Pow Wow

The Memorial Day Weekend has multiple significances for me. It is a time to remember and reflect, a time to honor the fallen warriors who have died in service of their nation, and it is the opening of the outdoor powwow season in Michigan.
Pow wows are Native American gatherings, but they are open to all. If you've never been to one, you should consider going! There is drumming, dancing, laughter and food, crafters and vendors, and always there is an honoring of the people who make our lives possible and those who enrich it. Warriors, women, children and elders, healers and storytellers; all are celebrated in their own fashion.
Doing it all under a clear blue sky makes for a near-perfect event!
It officially begins with Grand Entry, when the veterans carry in the Eagle Staffs and the Flags, followed by dancers in their beautiful regalia.
There are honor dances, which are never photographed, exhibition dances like the Sneak-Up, and intertribal dances where everyone can participate!

Friends gather; some insist you pose for a photo of yourself in your stand. It's only right, you're told, that if you're going to blog about the powwow, you should be included.

Well alright, but turn-about is in my nature, so I'm also including a picture of the friend who insisted on aiming the camera at me. (He'll be annoyed enough to see his photo here, so I'm not going to give out his name.)

We camp, we tell stories or drum around the campfires, we gather as a community and do all of the things that implies.

I had a great time, and next month I get to do it all again! You can check the left sidebar for dates of powwows I'll be attending; I'll update the list as my schedule firms up.

To find a powwow in your area, I recommend the Powwow Calendar at for some excellent information on events throughout North America.


Anonymous said...

from your photo-you look much younger than your leather experience indicates in your blog.

aosLeather said...

Flattery is always appreciated!

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Your Earth Medallions are off the hook!!!!! SWEEETTTT!!! A must have!!!!

aosLeather said...

Thank you! I sure enjoy making them!

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great post thanks