Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hands On

In the three and a half decades that I've been crafting leather there have been times when people have questioned whether or not I actually produce my product. Generally this has come in the form of a backwards compliment -- the person raising the issue is impressed enough with what they see that they express incredulity that a little-ole-gal like myself could be solely responsible. I take those skeptics with a grain of salt; they mean well.

Occasionally it's in the form of sexism -- at craft shows I sometimes am faced with the question of whether or not "the guy that does this" takes custom orders... those people are a bit more difficult to be gracious with, I confess, as my feminist hackles can get riled by such queries. But again, I try to be nice, if a bit defensive. There is no "guy", and I usually try to laugh while I say that.

Today I had something entirely unprecedented happen to me. I received an email from the staff of one of my primary venues raising the issue of whether my goods were handmade by me, or if I was reselling products I purchased, which would violate that venue's rules. After picking myself up off the floor I responded quite vigorously. Of course I make my own stuff!!

It's a mistake, to be sure, and I'm confident that I'll get it sorted out. But in the meantime my defensive instincts kicked into hyperdrive and my gut was left churning. I wondered how I could prove my case, if required to, and I thought about all the posts I've blogged with pictures of my workspace and my hands on the leather. I pulled all the pictures and looked at them, and I gave myself a very good laugh in the process!!

I have no pics of my hands on the work -- just my hand. My right hand, to be specific. That's because my left hand is holding the camera.
So Hah!! That's how do-it-yourself this little-ole-gal is!!


Anonymous said...

i've seen this artisan work up close and personel. she is the real deal! they don't get any better.

aosLeather said...

aw gawrsh.