Monday, March 3, 2008

Legend of the Apache Tear Drop

I'm going to digress from leather today and tell you the haunting legend of the Apache Tear Drop.

It involves a party of Apache Warriors who fought bravely against an enemy that outnumbered them and had greater weapons. Driven to the top of a mesa bluff and with many of their number already killed, the remaining warriors knew they faced utter defeat and capture. Refusing to surrender their fate to the enemy, the warriors threw themselves off the cliff to the rocks below. Their women shed many tears for many moons until the Great Spirit took pity on them and bade the volcanoes to release tears that would last through time.

These stones are those tears. When held in the palm of your hand, the stone appears to be black. When held to the light, they reveal the translucent tear of the Apache Women.

The Apache Tear Drop is a specific form of black obsidian, a type of volcanic glass. Formed by rhythmic crystallization that produces a separation of light and dark materials into spherical shapes, it is found in Arizona and other parts of the US.

They are said to bring the bearer good luck and remove their tears. Carried in a pouch or pocket, it is believed that they can balance one's emotional nature and enhance psychic powers, offering protection against being taken advantage of by helping illuminate that which is hidden from the conscious mind.

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